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Pheromones Perfume and Cologne is owned by Liquid Alchemy Labs. We are located on the island of Hawaii in the Hawaiian Islands, where all of our product are made.

We are a perfumery that has devoted our efforts to scented products that utilize pheromones and pheromone like substances for health and attraction. We decided to take this path due to a shortage of quality pheromone products and actual perfumeries working with pheromones, not to mention an over abundance of novelty pheromone products flooding the market with little to no effect. Long live China.

Our conclusion was, that the real purpose of any perfume and cologne or any derivative thereof was to attract other people, either of the opposite sex or the same sex. With that in mind we started looking, and continue to look at what is out there in the big wide world that actually did these things with any measurable results. Yes, this has turned out to be quite an unending journey but, isn’t that what life is all about?

Any perfume and cologne can smell nice but how many actually do something?

Ours do!

Garry Nelson
Liquid Alchemy Labs.

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