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AlphaBetaGodaiGarry: Hey guys, normally I’m talking by myself but today I have a guest. This is Godai. He is the man in charge in Japan. He is the one that handles all the Liquid Alchemy Labs related business that is in Japan. Normally, I would be talking alone, but I figure since I have him available. He is a pretty skilled guy with the ladies himself in two countries and two languages so I figure I would have him just to accompany me, kind of free flow with what I normally talk about by myself. Neither one of us are…uhh. His first time in camera.  It’s my first time dealing with someone else.   It always feels a little strange when you are… actually to be on camera you have to sit a little closer than normal. We also have to…

Godai:  Close enough, close enough

Garry: Yeah, plenty close. But we also have to talk to you as well as talk to each other. So it feels a little odd. We are trying to get comfortable with it and understand that it may come across as odd to you guys, so bear with us and cut us some slack and understand what we are going through and what we are dealing with, but what I was going to originally talk about today was a lot of the time with the subject of being Alpha or Beta when you are using pheromones, everybody starts talking Alpha, Alpha, Alpha. Everybody wants to be Alpha except for Alphas, they don’t give a crap, but we start getting a skewed perspective on Alphas and Betas. Some people, in the first place, think of Alphas as bad so they don’t really want to be an Alpha. Other people think: “Yeah I want to be an Alpha because I want to get laid” so we start getting this: “Beta is bad, Alpha is bad”. “One is good, one is bad” and sometimes is the other way around and it’s hard to achieve something when you in your heart feel it’s wrong and many Betas they want to do better with women but they don’t want to be a jerk . They don’t want to be rude. They don’t want to be the bay guy. Yet, they see what they perceive as a bad guy quite often getting laid and getting attention and like that so…Godai and I both were talking about this the other night so I thought bringing him in the conversation and get his take on that as well

Godai: I think that what is important about being Alpha is to be able to express your feelings or your ideas. Not necessarily have to be a jerk. Not necessarily have to be rude to others.

Garry: Yeah, I think there are good Alphas and there are bad Alphas. There are good Betas and there are bad Betas.

Godai: I think if you can express your feelings without no fear, or you do something, do the action without even thinking about it or maybe you  can even be very cautious but not in a point  that worries you are you going to be judging me or not.

Garry: Yeah, I think what he’s hitting on right there is a lot of what is desirable to a woman about an Alpha… Alphas know what they want, they are not afraid. They are not afraid of offending anyone; they are not afraid of speaking their mind; they are not afraid of asking for what they want. They have rules. You don’t cross them or I punch you in the eye.  Those are some of the things that a woman finds attractive about an Alpha. It’s not that he is a jerk. It’s just he’s very manly. He is not afraid and consequently, conversely Betas quite often are afraid. They are afraid of offending. They are afraid of asking for what they want. They are used to be kind of subservient and think that if they are nice enough, if they are a good boy they are going to get the attention they hope for if they can do that just long enough.

Godai: I mean that is exactly the point. We hear all the time that “I respect a woman too much”, “I don’t want to offend a female because…”

Garry: Yeah, it’s really common. You have to remember that Godai handles the customer service in Japan. I have, I don’t know…I handle portion of the customer service here. All of the “Where is my package”, that type of stuff is handled by other people. I tend to handle more of the personal emails when someone is worried about the penis size, stuff like that, that is the stuff that I get in there and I have to handle unfortunately. But, no (laughing) no, realistically I handle the stuff that matters. I handle the stuff like when you are dealing with psychology of different peoples’ problems. So we are hearing a lot of this.

When I give advice, I tell guys, they will a lot of the times give me a scenario; this is what happened, what went wrong and a lot of the time Betas believe that nice guys finish last. But in reality it’s not that they are nice guys. They are really boring. If you are not doing what the woman finds exciting and enticing then you are just boring her. She’s heard it a million other times from a million other Betas and there are a lot more Betas than there are Alphas so they just know what you are going to say before you even do it, so it’s not uncommon for me to say” “Well,  you should have done this, “You should have said that” and the response is like Godai said: “I don’t want to be rude”, “I can’t be rude to women, I can’t be a jerk”, “I can’t be an ass”. Because Betas can’t tell when they are being exciting, when they are being interesting, when they are actually showing to a woman that they are more than a Beta, that they are, you know an interesting individual.

Godai:  For her there are a million guys she can be friends with, but there is only a few she is going to mate with. Now, if you are trying to be her friend because you respect her

Garry: You are already on the wrong track, you are not going to get anything

Godai:  Exactly, you are not going to get anything and if you finally get (Interruption)

Garry:  If you are doing that then you are already a beta and you are Beta on the wrong side of the Beta.

Godai:  You can still be Beta and be interesting, be alive, be happy, be more than regular guys and that guys can get something more definitely and that is where you want to be at. You don’t have to be a jerk, you don’t have to be mean to a woman but you can be alive, you can be playful and you can be a lot more than what you already are.

Garry: I think we should probably define a bad Alpha. A bad Alpha is going to hurt people. A bad Alpha is going to be aggressive.  A bad Alpha is… he only cares about himself. A bad Beta is exactly the opposite. He worries about everyone else. He doesn’t take care of himself. In fact, he may abuse himself at the expense of others. (Should have said expensive of himself) He will kiss peoples’ ass and hope that they will like him. He will fix their plumbing, pay for their car repairs, pay their rent. He would do anything to be liked. That is a bad Beta. You don’t want to be that Beta. You don’t want to be at either end of that spectrum. I think in all reality the person that you want to be is just remove the labels, and you want to be the guy in the middle. You’ve got to realize that there are honorable Betas who are really the backbone of our society. They are the good guys, their word counts. They are honorable. They do what they are supposed to do and you can trust them and rely on them. And you have Alphas who are strong leaders, they are capable of getting stuff done. They are capable of taking risk. They are capable of facing fear and continuing on. And what you want is you want to be the guy in the middle where you have those best traits of both sides and I think that is something guys need to figure out where you are at and start heading towards the best you that you can be regardless of Alpha, regardless of Beta.

Godai:  It’s great, it’s very important to analyze yourself. What are you really doing. If you tend to have a lot of female friends and you are not making any moves. Maybe you take a look at yourself again at where you are at.

Garry: Yes, with pheromones it is always a constant analysis, it is always a constant analysis of yourself, you are trying to grow. The guys who use pheromones the longest are the ones that get the most results because they are constantly getting social interactions that allow them to see “This works” “This didn’t work” “Where did I go wrong, where can I do better” so what did I do right, and can I improve upon it. Don’t worry about the Alpha, Beta, just worry about the personal growth, the personal development. Become the guy you want to be who achieves the things that you are not achieving, and you want to achieve, you want to become that guy who is not always going “What the fuck  happened”, “How come  I didn’t get the girl”, “How come I didn’t get the job” Why, why why does it always work out like this. You don’t want to be that guy. Even if it’s small victories in your personal growth, you want to be making them. You want to be analyzing how can I be more, how can I be better regardless of pheromones.

Godai: Exactly

AlphaBetaThumbLargeGarry: Good enough?

Godai: Yes

Garry: All right guys, I hope that helps. Any questions you know the deal below. Talk to you later.


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