Are We Social Animals in a Pheromone Tribe?

Humans communicate with each other through pheromones in different ways such as mothers and their children, couples sleeping together or even strangers dancing at a party; there is constant pheromone activity that allows people to send unspoken messages all the time. Pheromones are a form of very subtle chemical communication that allows us somehow to read another BBeachSocialLargeperson or group of people.

In more developed societies, we observe that close contact with others has somehow been diminished. For example, part of what is called the “American dream” was born out of the need to be separate and individualistic, creating the desire for people to find happiness by living in homes standing apart from others; most of them, usually fantasize about owning a house and acres of their own land or homes located far from the big city.

Interestingly enough, we humans are now members of a civilized society, but deep down we can’t forget that we are still species who belong to a tribe, even if it’s done subconsciously.  Despite our great development as a civilization; we haven’t lost our tribal instincts, we all need the human touch and social contact. Subconsciously, humans recall the times when we lived in close communities or tribes. According to investigator David Moran, “We are tribal primates“. In other words, the human race is a group of primates who are members of a tribe; he thinks that people may begin to remember and understand their primitive characteristics and how pheromones play an important part in tribal living.

Many people who chose to live alone and develop their activities without company, realize that deep in their minds, they really long for close friendship or companionship; for that reason, when we are not capable to stay apart only surrounded by our own pheromones, then we congregate around different public places in order to share human familiarity.

Nowadays, there has been a revival of group activities such reading clubs, in which its members get together and share their opinion about certain book they have most likely read alone.  Group counseling meetings where people share their problems and try to find help; like in the old days when members of a tribe would gather around the fire and exchange stories, would advise each other and mainly share their experiences.  Tribes living in close contact allowed them to share bonding pheromones and the feeling of belonging and safety.

The fact that we feel good in company of other people and still want to keep our space at the same time is part of our human nature. We leave our reclusiveness during a certain amount of time for the purpose of experimenting human contact; a few researchers specialized in communication, have reached to the conclusion that pheromones are very important components in human tribal behavior.

The investigations show that pheromones are a particular mode of chemical language, difficult to analyze; they have the property to send messages to other people, and the closer we are to them, the better we are able to interpret theirs. As a certain researcher said: “Pheromones have been immensely underestimated for their great properties in the biological and social field.”

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    I have seen this among my younger friends too. I hang out with all ages, most of us over 25 prefer to call eachother while my younger friends would rather text all damn day… even even though it’s just a few years age gap, there is a huge difference in how we see things. Mostly, we prefer to keep our bullshit off public radar like FB and twitter, and we also understand that people just do silly shit for the likes… lol. In other words, we prefer actual contact with other humans. Many of the young people today have zero social skills and will even be on their phone in the company of other people, but they still need that physical feeling of being around others which is most likely due to tribal, primitive feelings triggered by pheromones.

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