Asians Pheromones and Liquid Alchemy Labs

Asians and Liquid Alchemy Labs

Garry: Asians often times write in almost talking as though they are less than other races.

Godai:  What?

Garry: So I figured this is a good time, since I have Godai here, it’s a good time to discuss that.

Godai: What?






Garry: Yeah, that is my feeling.

Godai: Yes, let’s discuss it.

Garry: It could be because, you know, they are smaller than other races.

Godai: OKInteresting… Go ahead.

Garry: It could be, I don’t know. What do you think? Do you have a theory on that? Do you feel that being Asian somehow makes you less than?

Godai: Actually, actually. He’s got some point to that. When I came to the US, it was about eleven years ago, I thought that I could not get any white girl.

Garry: So you had an issue with other races, but you felt OK with Japanese girls, no problem.

Godai: Yeah, yeah.

Garry: But you didn’t think you would do well with white girls.

Godai: Right. First I didn’t speak any English and that probably be(Interruption)

Garry: Yeah, didn’t help.

Godai: Yeah, not good.

Garry:  The first day that Godai was in the US, I took him to my house which had about five to seven naked girls running around the house. Mostly white, a few Mexicans. How did you feel that day?

Godai: It was pretty good.

Garry: That was pretty goo..(Laughs)

Godai: It was pretty good.

Garry:  And then we loaded up my van and we took all those girls and we went to a nude beach. And how old were you at that time?

Godai: Nineteen.

Garry: He was nineteen years old. Straight up from Japan. Could barely speak any English. On the way to my house, I picked him up and I was like…”So how do you like it in the US?” And he is like “Yes”.

“Yes you like it? (Garry)  “Yes” (Godai). “OK, cool” (Garry).

So I’m driving and I’m thinking, I have a whole house full of naked girls. I hope he is OK with that, you know and I know the girls were there. I know they are going around naked all the time. I knew they were going to run around naked. And I knew they were going to looking forward to freaking him out so “Do you like girls?” He says “Yes”.  “Do you like naked girls”? He says “Yes”.

Godai: Which I understood that part.

Garry:  You understood that part…Did you?

Godai: Yes, go on.

Garry: So I said “Are you a turkey?” He says “Yes” then I realize, this guy doesn’t speak English. He doesn’t know anything I’m saying. So I’m thinking, “Crap, what is going to happen when we get to the house”, you know. But it all went well; we had an excellent day, didn’t we?

Godai: Exactly.

Garry: We spent, shit, we spent almost the whole next week running around and hanging out with the girls and going to waterfalls and swimming at the nude beach and they were naked pretty much the whole time. How did you feel when you first saw them?  Did you feel you had a chance?

Godai: I did not know how I felt about it. Really, I didn’t know. Of course I was eighteen so I wasn’t really sure. I didn’t know what kind of man I was or what I was worth and so I wasn’t really sure how it was going to go.

Garry: Now, you feel pretty much comfortable with any race right?

Godai: Pretty much. So there is a lesson for everybody. If you feel that because you are a certain race, particularly Asian, Oh come on, you can get with anybody.

Garry: Don’t handicap yourself by prejudging yourself.

Godai: You don’t have to. We are somebody’s fantasy.

Garry: That is absolutely true. Whether you are any race, you are somebody else’s fantasy.

Godai: So if you are small, if you are big, if you are fat; it doesn’t really matter. If you are Asian, certainly it does not matter. You know, go for who you would like to be with and keep going for it.

Garry: Yeah, and always assume they want you.  It just works better. Don’t decide for them that you suck.

Godai: Exactly.

Garry: Because as soon as you allow that feeling in your heart, you are fucked, you are screwed, it’s over, you are done. You have already lowered yourself a few notches if not totally taking yourself out of the game completely. So not matter what race you are, assume it’s freaking awesome.

Godai: Yeah…exactly.

Garry: Assume, I don’t care if you have a leg missing, Assume it’s awesome because anything else is useless. Any other assumption is useless. It will not get you where you want to be.

Godai: People don’t really care your size or looks or anything.

Garry: Skin color…

Godai: If you shine as a person. If you truly are an interesting person, that’s good enough. Somebody will just not leave you alone.

Garry: And this is with or without pheromones. This has nothing to do with pheromones. It has to do with your basic foundation as a man. You are awesome to a certain number of people. You are going to be amazing to them. And if you just basically accept that you are awesome to everyone, you are going to find that the number of people that you truly are awesome to increases.

Godai: So please, believe in yourself. You are good enough. If you don’t feel good enough, be better. Truly be better. You think how you can be better.

Garry: Just drive those feelings out, when you start going “Uhh…I’m too short, I’m too dark, I’m too light, I’m too bald, I’m too Asian, I’m too whatever it is, just push it away. Just stop it.

Godai: Just say, “I’m freaking beautiful”

Garry: Exactly, exactly. It works! Seriously, he says it all the time. Annoys the hell out of everybody, but he says it all the time.

Godai:  Laughs…

Garry: Especially, whichever girl is closest to him at the time drives them freaking insane.

Godai:  The more you say it, the funnier it gets.

Garry:  What are you always saying? He is always saying “Trying to get on your sexy” or something like that.

Godai:  I’m just getting my sexy on.

Garry: Yeah, they love that.

Godai: You are welcome for this.

Garry: Yeah… (laughing) he always says that. It’s supposed to be the big one. He goes “You are welcome for this”

Garry: OK, it sounds dumb as hell right now, but it is funny as hell in public and you know what? Next thing you know, everybody is lining up.

Godai: Just say it with a straight face.

Garry: Yeah, mean it.

Godai: Exactly.

Garry:  Smile, and then he goes “You’re welcome”

Godai: and they say,” What about it? What…?”

Godai: “This. You are welcome”

Garry: (Laughs) seriously guys, seriously.

Godai: No, no, no, “You are welcome”

Garry: (Laughs) This works. It really does. I know it sounds stupid, but it works. I’m not joking. You know, Just that confidence. What? He’s just not afraid. He doesn’t give a shit. It doesn’t matter. He doesn’t care and that makes him more attractive. It really works. Try it. Get comfortable pushing your boundaries. Forget about your prejudged problems bullshit. Fuck, get rid of it. Every time those thoughts come, push them out. Remember this guy. Seriously, seriously. He’s an awesome guy and this stuff works. Just do it.



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