BO or Pheromones Does Your Mate Stink?

Does your girlfriend or boyfriend enjoy the way you smell? I have had the good fortune of having the women that I’m romantically involved with like my scent. I am used to the woman I’m with snuggling under my arm or laying her head on my chest. Some have even loved the way it smells right under my nose in the divot on my upper lip. I’m used to squirming females entangling with me and snuffling here and there until they almost hyperventilate.

I have always been tolerant, waiting until they were snuffled out and lying like a satisfied feline. I even thought on many occasions that if they were cats they would be purring. I just figured it was nature doing what nature does. Understand, I’m not saying this to boast. I actually believed that this was the way the world worked. Women just like the way men smell. At least I thought that, until one certain girlfriend upset my view of the world.

This specific girl, though she was romantic with me, was forever complaining about the way I smelled. Trying to make me shower more and wear deodorant and cologne. Now, I’m a clean man but I only wear light cologne and I never wear deodorant. Yeah, I know it sounds uncivilized but it had always worked for me.

Besides, I personally believe that the aluminum in the deodorant penetrates the skin and starts moving in the body. The Fluoride in your toothpaste lets it cross the blood brain barrier and, Abracadabra, you are an idiot. Ok, maybe not that immediate but it’s just not something I want to take a chance of happening to me.

In any case, her continuous dissatisfaction with the way I smelled really set me back, as not only had women always loved my scent, I had always liked theirs. With this girl there was none of the musky sweet smells that so fired my passions like other women had. She did not disgust me, she just did not inflame me.

I tried to talk about it with her but she had no concept of finding another person’s scent exciting. She was totally disgusted by my proposition that it was natural and stimulating. She had never experienced this with any man, and was in no uncertain terms, never going to find my scents pleasant.

Ok, I thought, assuming that I’m not just some crazy guy that thinks chicks love to sniff me, then there must be another reason for her not finding my scent pleasant and attractive.

I also wondered how many other women out there felt the same way as her, or at the very least had never met a man that did it for them.  Yes, in my heart of hearts I still felt that body scent would turn her on if she just found the right guy. Lock and key hypothesis, I was the wrong key, or she was the wrong lock depending on how you wanted to look at it.

Research: Since it was no fun fighting with her, (It didn’t even lead to passionate sex.) I started researching genetics and reproduction, which lead to pheromones. (This was a long time before I got into pheromones big time)

What I found: The Stinky T-shirt Study. In 1996, Claus Wedekind, at Bern University in Switzerland, conducted what’s now known as the stinky T-shirt study. Wedekind had 44 men of varying and established genetic types, each wear a t-shirt for two nights. The researchers placed each shirt in a box with a smelling opening. 49 Female volunteers were asked to sniff the boxes and describe each odor, as far as strength, appeal, and sexiness

Women actually liked the scent of men whose immune systems was genetically different than their own. In contrast, the odors were judged unpleasant when the male’s immune systems were genetically similar to the women.

This means, women picked men that offered the best genetic upgrade for their children by scent. Their babies would have stronger immune systems, better genetic options, etc. But get this, women chose exactly the wrong male when they were on oral contraceptives. They chose men similar to themselves that guaranteed sickly offspring.

My conclusions: My girlfriend and I were not made for each other. It did not matter that her physical characteristics were fine. Nature was trying to tell us that we would have little malformed mutant children, better known as MMC syndrome.

Danger Will Robinson Danger!

So, if there is no great passion, or your mate simply stinks, you might consider not trying to work things out. Go out to pick up some ice-cream and simply don’t go back.

Sometimes you should just pay attention to the pheromones.

If you like the idea of pheromones and would like to do some experimenting of your own, you most likely will want to check out


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