Breast Addicts Actually Hooked on Pheromones


hat is the lure of breasts? No, I’m not against breasts. Ok, a lot of the time I am, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Breasts are a good thing in my book, and I have been boobietrap1fond of them for as far back as I can recall. I have wondered about my own interest in breasts, as well as why men in general, and even women find boobs so interesting. Is it the softness, the different skin shade, the arc and tip, or the way the nips tell on you by pointing at you if you look at them for too long? Of course I never stare. I was referring to other men.

If we are fortunate as babies, our mother was wise enough to breast feed us, presenting us with a very good start in life.I mean, the very first thing we know about life is a set of warm breasts and nipples. We are comforted, fed, and kept safe with our breast friends. It is quite possibly the only point in our lives that we don’t have anything to worry about; we are full, warm, comfortable and loved. I guess that alone is a pretty good reason for liking breasts, and who would not like to get back to that safe feeling? Yet, is that enough of an explanation for the magic breast spell that men often times fall under?

Breast hypnosis can maybe be explained by the breast hip to waist ratio that is ideal for reproduction. However, even this is only a partial explanation.

When I was in school I read that a survey of men was done, showing that men who were not breastfed as infants tended to statistically like larger breast than men who had been breastfed. The breastfed group tended on the whole to care less about breast size in general. Having been breastfed as a baby, I happen to like breasts of all sizes and shapes. However, I’m only one man so that does not prove anything.

Research has shown that rabbits have a pheromone around their nipples that tells the baby rabbits where the nipples are, even though the rabbits are blind. Amazingly, human babies demonstrate the same finding behavior as the rabbits, even when the human infant is blind. It has been suggested that the human nipple and areola may produce similar attracting pheromones. If that is the case the nipple pheromone would be considered an appeasing pheromone. Nipple pheromones would thus cause feeling of euphoria, safety, and love. This may be the reason that when we hug in general it is chest to chest, heads to each side. On the other hand if a person is hurting emotionally we tend to hug them with their head against our chests. Hugging someone’s head to our chest usually means we love them very much and or we feel protective over them.

Could the interest in breasts be an attempt at regaining this lost state of peace and happiness provided by these pheromones? Are we junkies hooked on the appeasing pheromones that the breasts or more to the point, the nipples produce? Could breast addicts need to get close to breasts to feel secure, accepted and loved? Do larger breasts promise to give a better more intense pheromone drug fix?

I have no idea. Maybe it is genetic, It could be so much fun to pinch nipples that you can’t see them without wanting to fulfill your genetic duty. More research and hands on testing is required. I will of course carry this research out until some sort of conclusion of this theory can be reached. I urge you to do the same and report back.

Answers are only discovered by people willing to search for them.

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    I have theorized the way you have and have come to similar conclusions.
    Science can explain alot of it, especially since women are equally obsessed for the same reasons.
    Doesnt quite explain why size would make a difference, but I often find that theres a reason for everything, and science eventually catches up and confirms .

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    Good work, keep us posted, you are very good writer.

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    yo soy deprimida …


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    Nombre de a GoogleReader!


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