Copulins Ovulation and Testosterone Elevation

I suppose that I should start by explaining what copulins are. Copulins are a series of fatty acids that are released by the vagina at the peak of ovulation, at the optimum time for impregnation.   It notifies the male of the species that the female is ready to be impregnated.

In the seventies, they did a great deal of research on pheromones in general, but there was one particular study that was done on copulins that found that when men were exposed to copulins, their testosterone levels rose over 150 percent in under ten minutes. They also found that when men’s testosterone levels were up like this, his ability to judge women by looks alone was compromised. In the study, men who were exposed to copulins would rate images of women as ten to fifteen percent more attractive than when they were not exposed to copulins.

So that’s the advantage of why a woman would want to wear copulins. As you age, your copulins levels fall. If you are on pharmaceuticals, your copulins fall. If you are on birth control, it can actually have some of the acids but not all them. So you actually give off a different signature. So if you are ill, physically ill, you don’t give off the complete spectrum, so basically nature is saying, “You are not good for reproduction” So that is why you would want to wear copulins.

Now, we get a certain number of women who have men with low testosterone levels and they write to us in hopes that if they wear the copulins or they allow their men to inhale the copulins that maybe it would raise their testosterone levels. I don’t believe that is the case. I believe in a healthy male, you are going to get this 150 percent spike, but in men who are not healthy, I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s going to do that. You might get a little bit of a rise. You might have some results, but it’s not going to fix your man.

The reason that most men are having testosterone problems right now, at least in the United States, is we have a poison food supply. We are consuming chemicals at an unbelievable rate. We are eating them; we are applying them to our skin. We are just bathed in chemicals from the time we get up to the time we go to sleep and even while we sleep.

Our diet is our worst culprit. In our diet we have xenoestrogens.  Now I should explain: Testosterone is a male hormone. It’s what makes a man a man. Estrogen is a female hormone. It’s what makes a female a female. Now, each sex has a little bit of the other. A woman with no testosterone has almost no sex drive. A man with no testosterone has no sex drive. There are other benefits for that small amount of those hormones in the opposite sex, but we have a diet that is so high on xenoestrogens, which are a chemical estrogen that our men are literally being devastated. Their testosterone levels are falling, their sperm count is falling; they are being feminized. We have the food supply, we’ve got poisons, whether that is for killing bugs or killing grass or killing weeds or whatever. Those tend to always be estrogenic. We have the chemicals that are used in food plants. I’m talking, processing plants for cleaning the plants that get leached into the food. We have stuff that cleans the food, extends the life span of the food. Unfortunately, shortens our life span but extends the life span of the food. We have also phytoestrogens which are plant base estrogens which soy is the biggest culprit for the phytoestrogens.  I know that mainstream says that soy is a wonder food, but in reality is not. It’s a dangerous food. You shouldn’t eat it. It’s not good for men or women. It doesn’t digest well. It’s a large protein. It doesn’t process. It actually blocks the receptors for digesting good proteins. People are actually starving to death while they are on it, so it’s not something you really want to eat. I would suggest doing your own research. I know that everything I’m saying kind of flies in the face of what you are going to hear in the media. I really suggest that you become responsible for your health. If you are the one that is actually looking into copulins to raise your man’s testosterone levels, you are the one who is going to do the research, he is not. So you are the one who is going to have to figure this stuff out. Look into xenoestrogens. Look into where they are at. In fact, xenoestrogens are even in perfumes. You will not find that in any of our products.

Phthalates are one of the chemicals that contribute to the life span of a perfume, but it’s also incredibly toxic and destroys the reproductive systems on men and women so you won’t find it in our products. Actually I’m going to make another video that explains all the things we don’t have in our products. I never really told anyone. I never used that as an advertising purpose for purchasing so I’m going to do a video on that as well.

But, back to the xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens, many pharmaceuticals have them also. If you can find an alternative way to solve a problem, do it. Try to stay away from pharmaceuticals. They are dangerous.

Another problem is lack of exercise. Our men don’t exercise. And I don’t mean running or jogging or aerobics. Those actually lower testosterone. I’m talking about resistance training of some type. Because as men that’s what we did. We lift stuff, we move stuff. We are stout. Nothing on this planet runs and runs and runs. Nothing. We would run in bursts: to catch something to eat; to keep from being eaten, or to catch something to have sex with. And no matter how you look at it, when you are done, males sleep; that is how we are designed.

Also, excessive alcohol is going to contribute to estrogen levels. Pot is estrogenic, it mellows you out because it is feminizing you.

Not enough animal protein. Now I know that one again is going to sound strange and vegetarians are going to be screaming, but in reality the fats that come from grass fed, free range animals are exceptional for creating sexual hormones. They make good hormones. What is not good is the chemically polluted beef and chicken that we get from the big producers unfortunately. They use a  tremendous amount of hormones to make the animals grow as big as they can, as quick as they can and unfortunately those hormones also make us big and fat and contribute to our demise.

I have a friend who is a plastic surgeon and he says he is doing more breast reductions. He is making more money from breast reductions for men now than he is making from breast enlargement for women. Which kind of tells you the state of affairs here in the United States. There is a series of books that are really good on how to raise testosterone levels. I will try to get them listed beneath this article. Another book that is really good is “PACE” by Dr. Al Sears. PACE explains the reason why endurance types sports aren’t the best for us and the guy is right on the mark.

If there is anything else that I can think of, I’ll make another video. If you have any questions that I can clarify, just post them below and I’ll try to make another video or I’ll answer below.

So, that should do it.

Thank you.

Testosterone Books

These books are not free and I do not have any affiliation with the book publishers nor do I make any money off of recommending them

This link is for two books, The Testosterone Book and the Testosterone Companion.


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