Fear the Pheromone Not


t has been recognized for a long time that animals and insects communicate through sensitivity to scents and pheromones that they’re exposed to in their environments, as time goes by it is also being figured out just how much human beings are influenced by pheromones as well.

These unseen chemicals operate separate from the sense of smell and are interpreted by the human vomeronasal organ or similar tissues, (The vomeronasal organ has recently fallen out of favor as an explanation for how pheromones communicate with the brain.) Sending signals to the brain that help us understand many subtle things about other human beings. Pheromones hold with them a whole tapestry of primal signals scientists are only now beginning to understand.

Most people remain unconscious of the complex array of behaviors that may be influenced by pheromones, in particular in the realm of intimacy. Love seems complicated enough as it is before adding the potential of sex pheromones into the mix. However, they may be one of the main ingredients. Individuals perceive pheromones differently depending on gender, health, sexual orientation, and stages of life. Pheromones move us away from people who are poor genetic matches so that we can have healthy children.

Public opinion ranges from not believing that pheromones are even real, to the fear that they may make someone do things that they do not want to do.

Sex pheromones though popular, and justly so in the perfume industry should not be a cause for worry. People will not do anything that they were not already leaning towards. For the most part, pheromones offer a kind of sensual nudge rather than an overwhelming command to the senses. Natural production of a strong pheromone is often a subconscious answer to the advances of a welcome individual, and can’t influence anyone to do anything they would rather not. Someone you despise is not going to make you attracted simply because they apply pheromones. Unless of course you despise that special someone because you are attracted to them.

It’s actually exciting to contemplate that this chemical response is shared across cultures despite differences in courtship rituals and expectations. Pheromones are a part of what makes us human and yet proves that we are still part of the animal kingdom. One of those things that we have been unaware of for a long time but has always influenced us. Only time will tell exactly how many ways pheromones truly affect us.

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