Lesbian Brain’s Jacked up on Female Pheromones



ew research proves that lesbian women’s brains do not work the same as heterosexual women’s brains. Now, I know you may be saying, “Wow, research was needed to prove this?” Hang in there; it was what was discovered that is of interest.

At the Stockholm Brain Institute of Neuroscience, Dr. Ivanka Savic continuing her research on the homosexual brain discovered that the anterior hypothalamus was activated in homosexual women when they were exposed to the pheromone ESTRATETRAENOL estra-1,3,5(10),16-tetraen-3-ol (EST) a female pheromone that normally attracts men. This was verified with positron emission tomography that was used to monitor the brain while exposing the women to these human pheromones. The results show that lesbians react to pheromones in a similar way as heterosexual men.  I say, “Damn, more competition, and they know where all freaking the buttons are.”

Amazingly, Dr. Ivanka Savic was asked if this meant that programs to change a person’s sexuality would possibly not work. (I didn’t even know there were programs to change people’s sexuality.) She said: “We have no proof, but I anticipate in the majority of people these programs will not work.” Of course many are thinking, “What, no pill to cure lesbianism? But, if we only had anti homosexual pills we could give them to all of our children just in case.” You know, “My daughter is acting a little strange Doc, do you think we should give her some of those lesbigone pills?”

Now others want to argue…I mean debate over what the research proves. Some people believe that this is further proof that homosexuality is natural and simply part of being human. Others believe this proves nothing, as we do not know if people are born this way or if this could be a learned behavior that changes the way the brain works over time, and still others don’t even believe that the pheromones used in this study exist. Go figure.

Oh well, what is a person going to do? All I know is this, if I was a female, I would definitely be a lesbian. You would know it was me, I would be the one with the mustache. Sexy!

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