Men Armpits Pheromones and Sex

You may not realize it but armpits play a major role in our lives, at least they do if you’re talking sex, lust, and love. The armpits contain ArmpitsLargean abundance of pheromone producing apocrine glands. Apocrine glands are major communicators when it comes to human sexuality.

Researcher Dr. Cutler designed an experiment to see if human male pheromones might affect the menstrual cycle of women. Her theory based on rat research that revealed the body odor and pheromones of male rats increased the fertility of female rats that were near to them. Dr. Cutler wanted to see if the same thing would happen with humans. So, she conducted the following experiment.

Cutler gathered armpit perspiration from men who had volunteered for the experiment. Cutler extracted what she believed to be the active ingredients from the perspiration. She then selected females for her experiment based on them having a history of irregular menstrual cycles. It was noted that these women were also not having regular (once or twice a week) sex with a man.

At the start of the experiment the male extract was swabbed on the women’s upper lips, with the intended action being, the pheromones transmission to the receptors in the women’s noses then to the hypothalamus in the brain, followed by normalization of the period. The extract was applied several times per week for two and a half months and sure enough, the women’s menstrual cycles started to normalize and their reproductive systems became more active. By the three and a half month point these women were showing all of the fertility signs of sexually active women, even though they were not having sex with men. A woman’s reproductive health is based on the regularity and length of her periods.

Cutler’s conclusion was that the male pheromones were enough to keep a woman’s reproductive cycles intact even without sex.

Cutler says that women can take advantage of male pheromones only if she has close physical contact with a man. Merely hanging out is not enough, there must be nose-to-armpit contact to allow the man’s pheromones to reach the woman’s pheromone receptors. A woman should kiss a man, make love with him, inhale the scent of his sweat, or sleep with her head near his armpit to get the full power of his pheromones.

I say, “You tell them Doctor Cutler!” As a man of loving caring action I try to hold the women I care about down and smash their face in my armpit at least once a day.  I suggest you do the same. Watch out for biters and remember, it is good for them, so repeat the following mantra while performing this loving task, “This is good for you, I’m doing this because I love you.” Be sure and use a sweet voice like you are talking to a small child otherwise this could come across as creepy and or deranged. It is best to do this towards the end of the day before showering so that you have proper pheromone load built up. Afterwards sprint for the bathroom and lock the door so that you can shower in peace without the female foolishly trying to wash her face. Remember this is for her well being.

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    The last paragraph was priceless. I think if my GF fakes a headache the next time we should be consummating our love for each other she will have to start getting regular doses of my pits,,,

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