Helping Men with Pheromones and Attraction questions

Recently I had someone ask the question as to why it is that I tend to answer questions for men more than answer questions for women.  I think that the problem is that women tend to ask less questions.

At an early age, women learn that they have some say in their abilities to attract. They learn quite early that they can wear perfume, fix their hair, dress nice, make-up, and how they act. They understand that attraction is in their hands. They have more say when it comes to it.

Men, on the other hand, tend to feel that attraction is fate. It’s you know, if you are lucky she will like you. So what happens is pheromones are kind of like a gateway for men.  It’s the first time that they realize  –and this can happen for men from their twenties to their seventies. It’s the first time it crosses their minds that they might have some say in their ability to attract. These guys, often times, they have not considered the clothing they wear; have not considered the cleanliness; they have not considered the hair styles. They have not considered any of this and pheromones is the beginning of them realizing that they have some say in their level of attraction.

So on the whole, they have more questions. They need more help. It’s not that I don’t want to help women. It’s just most of the time they don’t need it. They do ask questions just not as often. I tend to try to the videos I create are based on when someone asks the same question over and over and over. That’s when I go: “OK I’ve got to make a video to address this so I don’t have to sit and type out the same answer again, again and again.”

So that’s pretty much that. Thank you.

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