How to Get Help by using Liquid Alchemy Labs Support Desk System

Open a ticket

If you need help, log in our Support Desk and open a help ticket by clicking the link above. You will usually receive an answer from us within 24 hours, except of weekends. If you contacted us during the weekend, your inquiries will be handled on Monday. If you don’t get a response, check your spam folder because there is a good chance that’s where it’s going. If there is nothing in the spam folder and you haven’t received any response, check your open ticket again as something may have gone wrong in our end.

My dad used to say that if you have to talk to someone about something important, do it in person because they are going to be ten times tougher over the phone and I found with the Internet, that’s even more amplified.

I had a woman once who had placed an order from us, the day after we shipped; she had written an email asking about it. Even though I do send emails out notifying you when we ship and with your tracking numbers. I had written back to her, but she didn’t receive my emails. They were going to her spam folder, but she was not aware of it or even aware that she should check her spam folder. So in the course of one day, her emails went from nice and polite to escalating, to all caps, yelling, angry, and threatening. She thought she had been ripped off and it reached a point that she actually threatened me to hunt me down and cut my testicles off. At that point I decided you know what I better call her and see if I can neutralize this before it gets any worse. So I actually called the woman and a very nice young woman answered and I said: “This is Garry Nelson from Hawaii. I’m trying to reach Frida” and she says: “Just a minute” and I hear in the background “Grandma, phone” and this nice little old lady answers the phone and she says: “Hello?”  “Hi, this is Garry Nelson from Liquid Alchemy Labs in Hawaii. We seem to be having a problem with our communication by email” and she goes “Oh sweetheart, thank you so much for calling me” and it goes on and turns out she’s a very sweet woman. The point of the story being, don’t let a miscommunication escalate out of control and make either of us look foolish. There is no need. We are here to help you. We want to help you. We will get in touch with you. We will make it right. We always reship, we always refund. We will always solve any problem that occurs.

Thank you guys.


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