Pheromone Application and Use

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For general pheromone use you will want to start with small amounts and work your way up, the reason for this is that we have no way of knowing what your natural pheromones signature level, or your social skill level is to begin with. Starting with lower amounts of pheromones and testing will allow you to figure out the best usage to result level with the lowest expense. Often times very little product is required to get excellent results.

With scented products you should be able to apply until you feel the fragrance is adequate also achieving a proper level of pheromones. Note: the scent will reduce long before the pheromones stop working.

If you have purchased multiple pheromones we recommend testing only one pheromone at a time, preferably allowing a week’s worth of testing of each pheromone product so that you better understand what to expect from the individual formulas before combining pheromones and attempting advanced pheromone use.

There are various pheromone forums that are excellent places to get a jump start on advanced pheromone use, most likely saving you a great deal of time. We suggest forums that are not controlled by pheromone manufacturers, but instead allow the pheromone users to share their tests, experiments, and results, without manufacturer manipulations and or censoring.

Now, with that said the standard locations on the body for application are the same spots recommended by perfumers for hundreds of years. We are talking about the pulse points. The pulse points produce more heat and with every heart beat pumps more scent and pheromones airborne.

Garry’s main areas that he uses on the body for application are hands, forearms, upper chest, shoulders, and sides of neck. If he talks with his hands, he is fanning the pheromones into the air. If he hugs a shorter woman her face goes into his chest. If he hugs a taller woman her face goes against his neck and or shoulders.

Remember that the most common failure when using pheromones is failure to understand what to expect. There is a learning curve as you figure out what attraction looks like. It is often times very subtle and often times overlooked, especially by men, who tend to have a lower understanding of social signals in general and female body language. Garry tells stories of men who thought women were making fun of them when it fact they were trying to flirt. Other stories of men who were attracting women but had no clue that the women were attracted, so they did not respond in the proper way to encourage the women to move into a more in depth interaction, ending with the females getting bored, giving up, and moving on. This is why long-term pheromone users have much better results than someone who tries a product a couple of times and gives up. The long-term user has had time to learn the ins and outs of flirting and attraction.

You are starting on a new path in your life with the use of pheromones, only you can make sure you become what you want to be, give yourself time to learn what is happening, be mindful of what isLaLPreziLogo going on around you and you will find that you are much more attractive, interesting, and seductive than you have ever imagined.

We love to hear about the life changing adventures that our products are part of, so do not hesitate to write to us and share your success. We wish you the best and thank you for trusting Liquid Alchemy Labs as your pheromones supplier.

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