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If you find that you are not happy with one of our products, you can return it at any time. We have had the longest refund so far issued over a year after the sale.

We do have one thing we see quite often with refunds:  Over 90 percent of them when they arrive, so little has actually been used from the bottles that we couldn’t tell if it had even been opened if it hadn’t been for the seal being broken. When I asked guys why they used so little, they said: “Well, I didn’t want to overdose.”  Well, in my mind, if it’s not working, you can’t overdose. It’s not possible.  Somewhere between not using enough and overdosing is where you need to be to get the product to work.

As far as actual pheromone failures, the most common reason we see for that is when people have purchased the product to seduce or attract one specific person. Whether that is someone they have a crush on, an ex -spouse, an ex-girlfriend, an ex-boyfriend, whatever. That is the most common failure for the pheromones. So be aware of that, you know, even before you purchase that your odds are going to be lower if you are trying to attract one specific person.  Pheromones give you a statistical advantage when dealing with many people so keep that one in mind.

Every time I had an opportunity to go in the field with someone who believes that pheromones don’t work, I’ve found that this person has a social problem. They either don’t understand females. They don’t understand people in general. They either misread or don’t read the social signals that are being sent to them, and that can be worked through, that can be figured out. In fact, I would say that is probably the biggest reason why long term pheromones users have so much more success than beginners. They literally have received more opportunities. They become better at understanding social signals.

Pheromones always work. It’s not like you are around someone whose body has the ability to resist them. The biochemistry always happens. The signals are being sent, received and responded to continuously. What people do have a choice is whether or not they are going to act upon or react to those feelings that the biochemical response may be causing. Pheromones always work. Having said that, I do have one story that comes to mind where pheromones did not work. I had a gentleman write to me who said “I want my money back, you know, the pheromones did not work.” Now, it’s not uncommon for me to query people as to why they didn’t work. What situation they were in so I can better understand what went wrong.  I can better understand how to advise people in the future. And this gentleman specifically said “I’ve tried the pheromones three times” He was very specific, three times and it didn’t work so I’m thinking maybe he went to “Burning Man” or a ”Rave” or some serious night club. “What was the field situation you were in that they failed you?” So he wrote, and he says “Well, first I tried it on my sister. That didn’t work. So I tried it on my mom. That didn’t work. So I tried it on my other sister and that didn’t work.  I’m thinking:  Is he like a teenager or something? So I write and ask him: “How old are you?” Turns out, he is forty five years old. Lives in his mother’s basement. I refunded his money. Because obviously, the pheromones were not working.

Something to think about.

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