Pheromones Say Women Need Men

Ladies I apologize, but you will be seduced. Pheromone colognes now make it so that you cannot resist men’s advances, no matter how terrible the man wearing the cologne may be.

Wait, don’t panic. Sadly the pheromone marketing obsession may be making us ignore an important discovery. It is a little like hearing about vitamins from a messed up drug dealer on the street corner. When you get over your encounter with Mr. Dealer, you are not going to think of vitamins in the same way as a person who had heard about vitamins from GNC or Vitamin World. (Top selling vitamin stores in the USA)

I believe the same thing is happening with marketers and pheromones. (Warning! I am a pheromone marketer) With that in mind let’s take a look at pheromones.

A good number of people still believe pheromones are the same as X-ray glasses sold in the back of comic books. While others have been using them for years. To be sure, they are used a great deal by government agencies worldwide. Business uses them daily. You may even use them. Of course, I’m referring to the pheromones of insects and animals.

It was well known by the late 1970s that females of the insect and animal kingdom produced chemicals for attracting males of the same species. The control of pests was the main reason for the manufacture of pheromones at this time. Pheromones were being used to draw or repel bugs and animals. Pheromones were already protecting crops from damage. Roaches were checking in and not checking out. (A catchy phrase from the Roach Motel trap commercials that used pheromones to lure roaches to a sticky death) At the same time scientist were working hard to find and prove the reality of human pheromones.  Evidence was found, but would not rise in the public mind until the middle of the nineteen eighties.

Human pheromones made front page news in 1986 when Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center of Philadelphia offered their findings to the scientific journal Hormones and Behavior, as well as to the public by way of:

  •     Time Magazine: “Studies find that male pheromones are good for women’s health.”
  •     News week: “The Chemistry Between People: Are Our Bodies Affected by Another Person’s Scent?”
  •     The Washington post: “Pheromones Discovered in Humans.”

Yes, the human pheromone was intense news in the eighties. During this time it was discovered that women’s health was related to the male pheromone. It was shown that men’s pheromones aid in the maintenance of a women’s health. To be more accurate, they keep a woman’s reproductive system healthy.

A strong testosterone rich male pheromone signature somehow encouraged a woman’s body to keep itself healthy and young. Pheromones can steady the menstrual cycle, and decrease the symptoms of PMS. It was found that pheromones could lift a woman’s mood, in point of fact alleviating depression, even postponing and then alleviating menopause

How did we travel so far from the pheromone research that was occurring in the eighties? Shouldn’t we by trying to use pheromones to give women a better life? Strike that. We should be using pheromone products to make people’s lives better, helping to allow pheromone research that will get more data connected to health and longevity.

In the case of pheromones I think we killed the message instead of the messenger. Using pheromones for attraction is not bad or wrong. I think that it is a good idea. People or press don’t say much about it, but many of the pheromone products on the market today that are used for attracting women often times contain the very same pheromones that showed all those health elevating benefits. Yet everything is just about seduction and there is no indication that it is good for females.

I’m afraid that even my own company is guilty of the same marketing. We focus heavily on the seduction and attraction side of pheromones as this is where the money is, but that is not the only reason. We would like to increase the amount of information related to the health benefits of pheromones for both men and women. However the moment we do, then we would be making health claims and that can get complicated as it would attract the attention of government regulatory agencies. This may be why no pheromone companies talk much about the health benefits of pheromones.

I personally would like to see more research on pheromones and health, as well as, the isolation and production of new pheromones.

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Breast Addicts Actually Hooked on Pheromones


hat is the lure of breasts? No, I’m not against breasts. Ok, a lot of the time I am, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Breasts are a good thing in my book, and I have been boobietrap1fond of them for as far back as I can recall. I have wondered about my own interest in breasts, as well as why men in general, and even women find boobs so interesting. Is it the softness, the different skin shade, the arc and tip, or the way the nips tell on you by pointing at you if you look at them for too long? Of course I never stare. I was referring to other men.

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Weather Seduction and Pheromones

People that live in regions where the weather is cold during most part of the year feel pretty happy when they replace winter clothing by T-shirts and shorts. The act of showing your skin can have interesting consequences since research found that having sex in summerBeachCoupleLarge is more sensual than doing it in the wintertime. The abundant sweat in summer causes our pheromones to enter the vomeronasal organs of people we know and strangers we meet on the street. Our bad-temper also decreases because of the exposure to sunlight which elevates the amount of estrogen in our bodies. Estrogen is the main sex hormone in women and has the ability to elevate your mood because of its effect on the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is active in the brain. Low levels of serotonin can lead to depression, anxiety and difficulty in sleeping. However, estrogen helps in the formation of this neurotransmitter, and to bring it back to its optimal levels. Although both men and women have this hormone, it is found in higher amounts in women, especially those that are still capable of reproducing.

Studies about the influence of people’s hometown weather in their mood have proved that those who live in southern areas tend to be more friendly and open-minded than people from the north. One investigation in particular led by Dr. James Pennebaker, shows us how weather can affect human behavior; the psychologist mentioned above and a group of researchers, interviewed more than two thousand college students in almost thirty countries. They were asked to identify and describe their mood and social expressiveness and compare it with others who live in a different area of the same country; the result was that in eighteen countries out of twenty-six, the students’ answers matched with the mood and social traits that characterize people living in a specific geographic area.

The college students who lived in warmer places said they were more extrovert, open hearted and optimistic in opposition with those from cold regions. Another interesting finding was that people, who moved from south to north or vice versa, experienced a change in their mood according to the weather in this new home place. Dr. Pennebaker, explains that northern population social behavior is different, because they are compelled to wear more clothing, so this factor limits their ability to show and to interpret body language of the people around them; besides, they are limited to stay at home most of the time because of the rough weather, causing them not to have an active social life.

Are pheromones really responsible for improving your mood and social life? According to pheromone researcher Louis Monti-Bloch, humans release pheromones all the time, but during spring and summer, we receive more chemical stimulation because our skin is completely exposed, however, people don’t notice this process. The action of covering the skin, in this case with clothes, doesn’t allow pheromones to travel through the air and to circulate around our bodies. Taking advantage of our body’s natural pheromones and showing some skin makes it easier to communicate and for sexual attraction, especially during warmer seasons, so, let’s be happier and utilize your pheromones. You will be surprised of the unlimited rewards.

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Are We Social Animals in a Pheromone Tribe?

Humans communicate with each other through pheromones in different ways such as mothers and their children, couples sleeping together or even strangers dancing at a party; there is constant pheromone activity that allows people to send unspoken messages all the time. Pheromones are a form of very subtle chemical communication that allows us somehow to read another BBeachSocialLargeperson or group of people.

In more developed societies, we observe that close contact with others has somehow been diminished. For example, part of what is called the “American dream” was born out of the need to be separate and individualistic, creating the desire for people to find happiness by living in homes standing apart from others; most of them, usually fantasize about owning a house and acres of their own land or homes located far from the big city.

Interestingly enough, we humans are now members of a civilized society, but deep down we can’t forget that we are still species who belong to a tribe, even if it’s done subconsciously.  Despite our great development as a civilization; we haven’t lost our tribal instincts, we all need the human touch and social contact. Subconsciously, humans recall the times when we lived in close communities or tribes. According to investigator David Moran, “We are tribal primates“. In other words, the human race is a group of primates who are members of a tribe; he thinks that people may begin to remember and understand their primitive characteristics and how pheromones play an important part in tribal living.

Many people who chose to live alone and develop their activities without company, realize that deep in their minds, they really long for close friendship or companionship; for that reason, when we are not capable to stay apart only surrounded by our own pheromones, then we congregate around different public places in order to share human familiarity.

Nowadays, there has been a revival of group activities such reading clubs, in which its members get together and share their opinion about certain book they have most likely read alone.  Group counseling meetings where people share their problems and try to find help; like in the old days when members of a tribe would gather around the fire and exchange stories, would advise each other and mainly share their experiences.  Tribes living in close contact allowed them to share bonding pheromones and the feeling of belonging and safety.

The fact that we feel good in company of other people and still want to keep our space at the same time is part of our human nature. We leave our reclusiveness during a certain amount of time for the purpose of experimenting human contact; a few researchers specialized in communication, have reached to the conclusion that pheromones are very important components in human tribal behavior.

The investigations show that pheromones are a particular mode of chemical language, difficult to analyze; they have the property to send messages to other people, and the closer we are to them, the better we are able to interpret theirs. As a certain researcher said: “Pheromones have been immensely underestimated for their great properties in the biological and social field.”

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Understanding Human Pheromones

There are experts on both sides of the fence. Some say pheromones work some say they don’t. Some say humans have pheromones some say we don’t. The debate occurs on the lay person’s level and the research level. New pheromone discoveries and human reactionsFeromonasCoupleLarge are reported all the time. You would think pheromones would be the Holy Grail of the world’s perfumers. Not so. Thus far, the leaders of the perfume industry tend to, though not entirely, ignore pheromones.  Instead, the low end make a fast buck industry is cranking out products, some with little to no pheromones in them. I know because my company tests them. What these pheromone sellers  do have going for them is flashy big breasted ads and wild promises. For the record I actually like the breast part, but could this be creating a  bias that lowers pheromone credibility?

People are missing a good thing because of how pheromones came to market, look at it this way. If the local crack dealer was the only person selling vitamins in your area, would it effect peoples thoughts on vitamins? I’m starting to think that is a good thing though. Not the crack dealer selling vitamins, but the fact that the majority of the population does not believe in pheromones and even the ones that do often times can’t be bothered to take the time to figure them out. I mean, if everyone wore them it would certainly take the magic away for us in the know.

Pheromones found: In the 1870s French naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre noted that male moths would fly for miles to visit a female moth he held captive in his lab. Fabre thought that the female moth was sending a chemical scent that was attracting the males. In 1956 the first pheromone was found. It was a moth pheromone.  Female moths use it to attract males. It was called “bombykol” and is able to travel long distances. It works even if the amount is very low. Lewis Thomas in The Lives of a Cell wrote.“It has been soberly calculated that if a single female moth were to release all the bombykol in her sac in a single spray, all at once, she could theoretically attract a trillion males in the instant.” Many insect pheromones have been discovered since and are used by industry.

Are you bored yet? No? Wow, Ok. Mammals and reptiles were next on the list. It was found that mammals not only created pheromones but how they received them.  The Jacobson’s organ or vomero-nasal organ (VNO) was discovered. (Now it is being argued that this organ does not work in humans) A French team of researchers did research on rabbits.  They suspected rabbit pups used a pheromone to find the mother rabbits nipples to feed. The team was able to isolate this rabbit pheromone. They named it, “2M2B”.  Baby rabbits that had been removed from their mother at birth still showed the searching response when 2M2B was applied to a probe. This showed that the reaction was not learned. (I guess scientist common sense is extracted at birth) It is now thought that pheromone production exists in all mammals during nursing. (I know they are produced when I’m nursing.) Today there are many animal pheromones used for many reasons.

It was not long before we wanted to know if humans produced pheromones. Debatably In 1974 Dr George Dodd discovered the first human sex pheromone. The debate has raged every since. It appears that many people do not want there to be pheromones for humans.  Much time is spent denying them away. This has not stopped research, though it has unfairly slowed it. I have to give credit to scientist who still continue researching something that other scientists equate to fairy dust.

If you have read anything about human pheromones you have heard of this one. Pheromones cause the menstrual cycle synchronization that occurs when multiple women live close to each other. Or of how a baby finds the nipple of its mother to breast feed. It’s easy to see the relationship of rabbit research to human on this one. As a side note, it has been suggested that men’s fascination with breasts may be a natural way to bond with a woman. Appeasing pheromones are said to emanate from the areola of the nipple. Since this is considered an appeasing pheromone, it would create feelings of safety, love, and, acceptance. This pheromone may be the reason why, when you hug someone in general it is chest to chest head beside head. However, if a person is comforting someone who is really hurting they tend to place that persons head on their chest. This same position is used when we hug someone we deeply love or feel protective over.

Many of the mammal pheromones as well as humans have common simple molecule fatty acid compounds. This shows us that the gap between humans and animals is not as wide as we like to think. New observations are suggesting that: humans, dogs, and cats are a similar match. It has been suggested that maybe this is why humans, dogs and cats tend to relate more than humans and other animals. It may explain why a human can adopt a puppy or kitten and that animal can bond to that human in a similar way as it would with its mother.

A study by a Swiss biological researcher Claus Wedekind found, women select men by their genetic compatibility for improving the immune system of offspring. How they select them is the interesting part. The selection was done by smell.  He also discovered the women who used oral contraceptives picked the exact opposite man than what they should have. If you would like to know more on this research you can google “sweaty t-shirt study.”  It is suspected that this may be the reason for kissing. It allows prospective mates to smell and taste each other’s pheromones for biological compatibility. Kissing has also been noted in primates. Yup, leading to wild monkey sex.

Some research shows that we need the pheromones of the opposite sex around us in order to stay healthy and age slower.

There are pheromones that ease the symptoms of PMS, delay menopause, ease depression, make you calm, and on and on. The point is, there are many useful pheromones or pheromone type chemicals that can and do help humanity. There is most certainly more on the way.  Lets hope no one is dumb enough to start selling them for that reason, or all of them will start being regulated by the government and that will be the end of that.

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Pheromone Problems

Garry: We have a certain number of guys who write in with the problem of the alpha pheromones making them anxious, nervous, some actually become aggressive. We actually had a guy write to me from under his bed from his laptop. He had actually purchased, it wasn’t particularly a super alpha product. It was just straight “Possess”. But he had purchased it in the hopes of attracting his wife and when he applied it, she ended up becoming very aggressive, ranting and raving and driving him through the house.

He got into the shower washing multiple times. His email was something like “I wash myself six times already with scrub brushes and pumice stones and I can’t get it off “and he was actually writing from under the bed and he was saying “You should have warning labels. This stuff should be banned. I want my money back.”

You know, he was intensely panicking and this is a true story. I know it sounds farfetched, but it is a true story and I did feel bad because I was trying to get him in bed with a woman not hiding under a bed from a woman.

But we keep having these. About one out of a thousand guys have this. It goes from that when you have this extreme anxiety, extremely anxious to nausea in the stomach to guys becoming aggressive. I think what is happening is the fight or flight response is being engaged from the alpha pheromones and I know that Asians in particular have a higher chance of this happening because they don’t produce alpha pheromones to the level that other races do.

Godai: Whoa, that does not mean Asian defective OK? Don’t get it wrong, get it right.

Garry:  (Laughs) I’m not claiming anything you know.

Godai:  Japanese can be sexy OK? Let’s keep going OK.

Garry: Japanese women can be sexy, you know, but…where was I men? You fucked me up. Oh…what I think is happening is that because of the low production of alpha pheromones ,it doesn’t matter what race you are, because your alpha pheromone production is directly related to testosterone levels, so what I think is happening is guys are applying this alpha pheromones and are identifying them as an outside source.

 Normally, if you are around big, scary athletic, aggressive alpha brutes, you go (sound), you slip away. You get away, you never have to be exposed to, have to be thrown in the middle of it. In this case, it’s on you and so if you are already high testosterone producer and you are already producing alpha pheromones and you apply them, you identify them as you. This is just me. This smells like an enhanced version of me. This is excellent! You may find it attractive, but if you are not, you get this anxiousness, and I remember I had several grams of pure alpha pheromones rupture in a box once and I had Godai smell it. “Hey dude, check this out. What does this smell like to you?”, and Godai takes a sniff of it and woops his head around and he is like, flailing and I’m “Oh shit, I killed him” At the time I said, “What did you smell?” and he is “I didn’t smell anything.”  He just had a reaction, couldn’t controlle it.

Godai: I just felt like somebody punched my face. I was, I mean, I couldn’t see anything, but I really got the feeling that I needed to get away from it right away. I do actually have sometimes the, if I wear alpha pheromones, I have a little bit of the heart palpitation.

Garry: Oh, you do?  I didn’t know.

Godai: Sometimes I do.

Garry: I thought you were fine with it. I thought you had no problems.

Godai: Well, I have sometimes problems. I’m not going to tell you that.

Garry: No idea. Perfect for the subject. So you feel like the accelerated heart rate.

Godai: I do, you know, sometimes.

Garry: Not every time.

Godai: Sometimes, I feel a little bit of a heart palpitation.  And it will go away. It does go away always. If I wear it a long time, I feel it a little bit.

Garry: If you wear it every day, does it go away?

Godai: It does actually.

Garry: Does it go away in the course of the day as you are wearing it? Can you apply it, get the excited, nervous feeling and it will go away?

Godai: It will, definitely. Usually for me in 10 to 15 minutes, it will go away.

Garry: OK. That’s not bad. It’s pretty good.

Godai:  Yeah, exactly.

Garry: OK, since this happens to guys what I normally recommend for guys who have any of these traits: You get super anxious, you get nausea, you get a little bit of the rapid or a fluttery heart beat or you get aggressive. What I recommend you do is start applying the pheromones low. Put it below the knees. You can start clear down to your shins and apply small amounts. See how that day goes. See how you feel and overtime you can increase your dose and work your way up. And your final applications you will want to apply… I apply it to my forearms.  I rub my forearms together. I go across my chest both ways and I put a little bit on the side of my neck. The reason I do that is I talk with my hands and I am waving it at people’s faces so it’s constantly fanning it around.  When a girl comes to hug me and she is short, her face goes right into my chest. If she is tall, her face goes right into my neck so I’m giving her a nice big dose. So what you want to do is you want to start low if you are having these problems and work your way up. This might take weeks and I think we had one guy that took him almost three months before he reached the point he could wear it like a normal guy would do. And actually I have to applaud him for his persistence because many guys just give up, say I just can’t use this shit, get it off me.

Godai: You just have to be very patient with the pheromones, your body will adapt to it.

Garry: Exactly, thank you.

Godai: Definitely, does.

Garry: What you are doing, I believe this is what I believe is happening, I do not know for a fact this is what is happening but what I believe is happening is your body is interpreting that you are around very aggressive males because of the scent that is in the air. This is nature trying to help you survive. It’s saying you are in danger. You can’t escape the danger so it starts ramping up your own testosterone levels until is equal or greater than the perceived danger. That is what I think is happening. It may be a little bit of a stressful process but I think in the end you are literally going to be manly and more capable. So I think it’s worth the perseverance, worth the trouble to try to get to it. Of course, if you can’t and you simply can’t work it out, it’s too much for you to bear, you are entitled to a refund. Check the other video on refunds and we will get you taken care of.

Godai: If some guys get too aggressive, you have to control yourself. Be responsible. That is true. For the guys who are having this fight or flight and are going to the fight side of things instead of the flight side of things. We’ve got one guy who wrote, I think I read you his email just the other day.

Godai: Yup

Garry: He got a speeding ticket.

Godai: Fighting.

Garry: He got into a fight with his best friend. He got into a fight at the gym, got a speeding ticket. I think he got into a fight with the police officer. He got into a fight at court and got a big fine because he was fighting with the judge and he was wearing “Wolf” which is an alpha leader, not an alpha aggressive product, but it set him off. He could not wear it and I did have to refund his money and I don’t know if he switched to another product or what happened but that shows what we have to do. So what you have to do if you are having these feelings, it almost like when you are a teenager and you get the testosterone for the first time, you are kind of crazy. One minute you are screaming and yelling and you are crying. It’s kind of like that for some of these guys. Remember that’s one guy out of a thousand so don’t diagnose yourself in a situation you are not having. I don’t want to plant an idea in your head “Oh my god, that’s what is happening to me” when probably it isn’t. Be responsible, pay attention to your feelings, learn from it, grow from it, become a more competent male and move on.

Godai: And hopefully you learn enough skill to… if you have any problem arise, you just can walk away or control it.

Garry: Yes, this is actually going to help you in real life when you are around truly aggressive males who do have high testosterone levels, high pheromone levels; you will be more capable of coping with them.  In fact, it won’t even shake you up. I never had a reaction to pheromones ,but I’m from a high alpha family, I hang out with high alpha guys and it just doesn’t uh, doesn’t, I just identify it as me, (sniff sound) Oh yeah, that’s me, so…

Godai: I react to it and I’m OK, that’s fine. This guy does it.

Garry: Yeah, this guy deals with it, copes with it, he’s improved. I mean, you have no problem, you use it.


Garry: So, there you go. Thanks guys.  I hope it helped.

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Contemplate on the Tree of Woe or Listen to Arnold

I didn’t want just to be a bodybuilding champion; I wanted to be the best bodybuilder of all times.  Dig deep down and ask yourselves: “Who do you want to be?  Not what, but who” I’m talking about figuring out for yourselves, what makes you happy. You have to think outside the box. That is what I believe, after all, what is the point of being on this earth if all you want to do is be liked by everyone and avoid trouble.

We have so many rules in life about everything. I say, break the rules, not the law, but break the rules. I remember that after I was finished with my bodybuilding career, I wanted to get into acting. I wanted to be a star in films.  Everyone at the same mind “It can’t be done.  Just look at your body. You have this huge monstrous body, overly developed. It doesn’t fit into the movies.” But you know, I didn’t listened to all this, this was their rules. I was convinced that I could do it.  Then I got the big break in “Conan the Barbarian”

Trust yourself, no matter how or what, anyone else thinks. And there the directors said, “If we didn’t have Arnold  Schwarzenegger, we would have to build one.” Then, when I did “The Terminator” “ll be back”, one of the most famous lines in the movie history. All because of my crazy accent.

It just shows that you should never listen to you can’t do something. Don’t be afraid to fail. Anything I ever attempted, I was always willing to fail. Don’t be afraid of making decisions. You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and your vision and you know that is the right thing to do.  Success will come so don’t be afraid to fail.

How many times have you heard: “You can’t do this, you can’t do that. That it has never been done before” so pay no attention to the people that say it can’t be done. If I would have listened to the naysayers I’d still be in the Austrian Alps yodeling. I would never have come to America. I always listened to myself say: “Yes, you can”

You never want to fail because you didn’t work hard enough. Work your butt off. I always believed leaving no stone unturned. No pain, no gain. When you are out there partying, horsing around. Someone out there at the same time is working hard. Someone is getting smarter and someone is winning  just remember that.

You can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets.


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Men Armpits Pheromones and Sex

You may not realize it but armpits play a major role in our lives, at least they do if you’re talking sex, lust, and love. The armpits contain ArmpitsLargean abundance of pheromone producing apocrine glands. Apocrine glands are major communicators when it comes to human sexuality.

Researcher Dr. Cutler designed an experiment to see if human male pheromones might affect the menstrual cycle of women. Her theory based on rat research that revealed the body odor and pheromones of male rats increased the fertility of female rats that were near to them. Dr. Cutler wanted to see if the same thing would happen with humans. So, she conducted the following experiment.

Cutler gathered armpit perspiration from men who had volunteered for the experiment. Cutler extracted what she believed to be the active ingredients from the perspiration. She then selected females for her experiment based on them having a history of irregular menstrual cycles. It was noted that these women were also not having regular (once or twice a week) sex with a man.

At the start of the experiment the male extract was swabbed on the women’s upper lips, with the intended action being, the pheromones transmission to the receptors in the women’s noses then to the hypothalamus in the brain, followed by normalization of the period. The extract was applied several times per week for two and a half months and sure enough, the women’s menstrual cycles started to normalize and their reproductive systems became more active. By the three and a half month point these women were showing all of the fertility signs of sexually active women, even though they were not having sex with men. A woman’s reproductive health is based on the regularity and length of her periods.

Cutler’s conclusion was that the male pheromones were enough to keep a woman’s reproductive cycles intact even without sex.

Cutler says that women can take advantage of male pheromones only if she has close physical contact with a man. Merely hanging out is not enough, there must be nose-to-armpit contact to allow the man’s pheromones to reach the woman’s pheromone receptors. A woman should kiss a man, make love with him, inhale the scent of his sweat, or sleep with her head near his armpit to get the full power of his pheromones.

I say, “You tell them Doctor Cutler!” As a man of loving caring action I try to hold the women I care about down and smash their face in my armpit at least once a day.  I suggest you do the same. Watch out for biters and remember, it is good for them, so repeat the following mantra while performing this loving task, “This is good for you, I’m doing this because I love you.” Be sure and use a sweet voice like you are talking to a small child otherwise this could come across as creepy and or deranged. It is best to do this towards the end of the day before showering so that you have proper pheromone load built up. Afterwards sprint for the bathroom and lock the door so that you can shower in peace without the female foolishly trying to wash her face. Remember this is for her well being.

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