Pheromone Problems

Garry: We have a certain number of guys who write in with the problem of the alpha pheromones making them anxious, nervous, some actually become aggressive. We actually had a guy write to me from under his bed from his laptop. He had actually purchased, it wasn’t particularly a super alpha product. It was just straight “Possess”. But he had purchased it in the hopes of attracting his wife and when he applied it, she ended up becoming very aggressive, ranting and raving and driving him through the house.

He got into the shower washing multiple times. His email was something like “I wash myself six times already with scrub brushes and pumice stones and I can’t get it off “and he was actually writing from under the bed and he was saying “You should have warning labels. This stuff should be banned. I want my money back.”

You know, he was intensely panicking and this is a true story. I know it sounds farfetched, but it is a true story and I did feel bad because I was trying to get him in bed with a woman not hiding under a bed from a woman.

But we keep having these. About one out of a thousand guys have this. It goes from that when you have this extreme anxiety, extremely anxious to nausea in the stomach to guys becoming aggressive. I think what is happening is the fight or flight response is being engaged from the alpha pheromones and I know that Asians in particular have a higher chance of this happening because they don’t produce alpha pheromones to the level that other races do.

Godai: Whoa, that does not mean Asian defective OK? Don’t get it wrong, get it right.

Garry:  (Laughs) I’m not claiming anything you know.

Godai:  Japanese can be sexy OK? Let’s keep going OK.

Garry: Japanese women can be sexy, you know, but…where was I men? You fucked me up. Oh…what I think is happening is that because of the low production of alpha pheromones ,it doesn’t matter what race you are, because your alpha pheromone production is directly related to testosterone levels, so what I think is happening is guys are applying this alpha pheromones and are identifying them as an outside source.

 Normally, if you are around big, scary athletic, aggressive alpha brutes, you go (sound), you slip away. You get away, you never have to be exposed to, have to be thrown in the middle of it. In this case, it’s on you and so if you are already high testosterone producer and you are already producing alpha pheromones and you apply them, you identify them as you. This is just me. This smells like an enhanced version of me. This is excellent! You may find it attractive, but if you are not, you get this anxiousness, and I remember I had several grams of pure alpha pheromones rupture in a box once and I had Godai smell it. “Hey dude, check this out. What does this smell like to you?”, and Godai takes a sniff of it and woops his head around and he is like, flailing and I’m “Oh shit, I killed him” At the time I said, “What did you smell?” and he is “I didn’t smell anything.”  He just had a reaction, couldn’t controlle it.

Godai: I just felt like somebody punched my face. I was, I mean, I couldn’t see anything, but I really got the feeling that I needed to get away from it right away. I do actually have sometimes the, if I wear alpha pheromones, I have a little bit of the heart palpitation.

Garry: Oh, you do?  I didn’t know.

Godai: Sometimes I do.

Garry: I thought you were fine with it. I thought you had no problems.

Godai: Well, I have sometimes problems. I’m not going to tell you that.

Garry: No idea. Perfect for the subject. So you feel like the accelerated heart rate.

Godai: I do, you know, sometimes.

Garry: Not every time.

Godai: Sometimes, I feel a little bit of a heart palpitation.  And it will go away. It does go away always. If I wear it a long time, I feel it a little bit.

Garry: If you wear it every day, does it go away?

Godai: It does actually.

Garry: Does it go away in the course of the day as you are wearing it? Can you apply it, get the excited, nervous feeling and it will go away?

Godai: It will, definitely. Usually for me in 10 to 15 minutes, it will go away.

Garry: OK. That’s not bad. It’s pretty good.

Godai:  Yeah, exactly.

Garry: OK, since this happens to guys what I normally recommend for guys who have any of these traits: You get super anxious, you get nausea, you get a little bit of the rapid or a fluttery heart beat or you get aggressive. What I recommend you do is start applying the pheromones low. Put it below the knees. You can start clear down to your shins and apply small amounts. See how that day goes. See how you feel and overtime you can increase your dose and work your way up. And your final applications you will want to apply… I apply it to my forearms.  I rub my forearms together. I go across my chest both ways and I put a little bit on the side of my neck. The reason I do that is I talk with my hands and I am waving it at people’s faces so it’s constantly fanning it around.  When a girl comes to hug me and she is short, her face goes right into my chest. If she is tall, her face goes right into my neck so I’m giving her a nice big dose. So what you want to do is you want to start low if you are having these problems and work your way up. This might take weeks and I think we had one guy that took him almost three months before he reached the point he could wear it like a normal guy would do. And actually I have to applaud him for his persistence because many guys just give up, say I just can’t use this shit, get it off me.

Godai: You just have to be very patient with the pheromones, your body will adapt to it.

Garry: Exactly, thank you.

Godai: Definitely, does.

Garry: What you are doing, I believe this is what I believe is happening, I do not know for a fact this is what is happening but what I believe is happening is your body is interpreting that you are around very aggressive males because of the scent that is in the air. This is nature trying to help you survive. It’s saying you are in danger. You can’t escape the danger so it starts ramping up your own testosterone levels until is equal or greater than the perceived danger. That is what I think is happening. It may be a little bit of a stressful process but I think in the end you are literally going to be manly and more capable. So I think it’s worth the perseverance, worth the trouble to try to get to it. Of course, if you can’t and you simply can’t work it out, it’s too much for you to bear, you are entitled to a refund. Check the other video on refunds and we will get you taken care of.

Godai: If some guys get too aggressive, you have to control yourself. Be responsible. That is true. For the guys who are having this fight or flight and are going to the fight side of things instead of the flight side of things. We’ve got one guy who wrote, I think I read you his email just the other day.

Godai: Yup

Garry: He got a speeding ticket.

Godai: Fighting.

Garry: He got into a fight with his best friend. He got into a fight at the gym, got a speeding ticket. I think he got into a fight with the police officer. He got into a fight at court and got a big fine because he was fighting with the judge and he was wearing “Wolf” which is an alpha leader, not an alpha aggressive product, but it set him off. He could not wear it and I did have to refund his money and I don’t know if he switched to another product or what happened but that shows what we have to do. So what you have to do if you are having these feelings, it almost like when you are a teenager and you get the testosterone for the first time, you are kind of crazy. One minute you are screaming and yelling and you are crying. It’s kind of like that for some of these guys. Remember that’s one guy out of a thousand so don’t diagnose yourself in a situation you are not having. I don’t want to plant an idea in your head “Oh my god, that’s what is happening to me” when probably it isn’t. Be responsible, pay attention to your feelings, learn from it, grow from it, become a more competent male and move on.

Godai: And hopefully you learn enough skill to… if you have any problem arise, you just can walk away or control it.

Garry: Yes, this is actually going to help you in real life when you are around truly aggressive males who do have high testosterone levels, high pheromone levels; you will be more capable of coping with them.  In fact, it won’t even shake you up. I never had a reaction to pheromones ,but I’m from a high alpha family, I hang out with high alpha guys and it just doesn’t uh, doesn’t, I just identify it as me, (sniff sound) Oh yeah, that’s me, so…

Godai: I react to it and I’m OK, that’s fine. This guy does it.

Garry: Yeah, this guy deals with it, copes with it, he’s improved. I mean, you have no problem, you use it.


Garry: So, there you go. Thanks guys.  I hope it helped.

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