Pheromones and Menstrual Cycles

OK, we know (or women know) that when you have multiple women living in close proximity to each other their menstrual cycles will slowly synchronize. You may not know that when synchronization occurs everyone follows the most dominant female. We know thatCaveGirlLarge this is caused by pheromones. Yes, some people love to argue about the pheromone part, but they can do their own research and write their own articles.

Did you know that men’s pheromones affect women’s menstrual cycles as well? A woman who has a strong healthy male who is frequent in her life will find that her periods are shorter and more regular, even if she is not having sex with him. A woman that has no men in her life, or men of very low status will find her periods erratic. Interestingly enough her hormone levels will be lower and she will also age faster and go into menopause sooner than the first woman.

Makes you wonder, why does all this happen? Let’s break it down and try to figure out what nature is up to. If all the women’s periods happen at or around the same time, then all of their ovulation also happens at or around the same time. When women ovulate, they arrive at the peak moment to be impregnated. Women’s bodies signal this to men by releasing a pheromone called Copulins. Copulins drive a man’s blood levels of testosterone up over 150% in only minutes.

High levels of testosterone in men makes them aggressive dangerous and horny. Now, let’s go way back in time to a tribal society who lives somewhere in the wilds. Let us say that pretend society is an equally divided society of 10 men of breading age and 10 women of breading age. Some of the men are going to be stronger than others, and some of the women are going to be prettier than others. Also, all of the women are ovulating at the same time and pushing all the men’s testosterone through the roof. Which men to do you think are going to end up having sex with which women?

I think it’s important to remember at this point that these men are not like the men of today. These guys are club wielding beast wrestling brutes, with hands of steel, and even the weak ones don’t ask permission for anything.

Do you think everyone is just going to pair off and live happily ever after? I suspect that after the weaker males have been beaten to death or ran off, and one of the two strongest men have been killed or an alliance has been made, the females worth having will be divided up and bred up. This helps to guarantee that the best genes are carried on. Pheromones rock! Nature says, A man can make as many babies as there are women he can access. A woman can only make one baby a year. Nature does not care about anyone’s feelings, she just gets the job done in the best way possible for the strongest chance of survival and genetic upgrade, and menstrual synchronization appears to be a way to increase the chances of both.

What’s the best ratio for survival of the species? I know that the above related story will bother some people. But if we pretend that the human population has been wiped out. Which of the following scenarios would be the best?

One healthy remaining woman of breading age and 50 men? If everything goes right = 1 baby per year.

Or 50 women and one healthy man of breading age? If everything goes right = 50 babies per year.

Of course the scenario mentioned above is just a theory on why nature does what she does. Maybe the synchronization is simply nature’s way of saying there are too many females here and a shortage of males, and it’s trying to send out a concentrated Copulins signal to call in males, and the ovulation synchronization may be just to guarantee as many women as possible can get pregnant when those men, or man finally arrives.

However, It is interesting to note that even today, when women are at the peak of ovulation they tend to stay away from dangerous places and untrustworthy men, but they do like to go to social gatherings and they migr

ate to men that they do desire, those men do tend to still be alpha males. When women are not ovulating they tend to hang with beta males. Women married to betas are more likely to cheat with alphas during ovulation. I heard that on the Discovery Channel.

Women in relationships exhibit the most extreme spike in interest for masculine men around ovulation. The shift is even more pronounced when they’re not happy with their current partners, said Kristina Durante, a social psychologist at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Women are also more likely to cheat on their partners while ovulating.

 As my dad used to say, “If they are not ‘t getting it at home, they will be getting it somewhere else.” However, some will be getting it anywhere they can.



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