Pheromones Say Women Need Men

Ladies I apologize, but you will be seduced. Pheromone colognes now make it so that you cannot resist men’s advances, no matter how terrible the man wearing the cologne may be.

Wait, don’t panic. Sadly the pheromone marketing obsession may be making us ignore an important discovery. It is a little like hearing about vitamins from a messed up drug dealer on the street corner. When you get over your encounter with Mr. Dealer, you are not going to think of vitamins in the same way as a person who had heard about vitamins from GNC or Vitamin World. (Top selling vitamin stores in the USA)

I believe the same thing is happening with marketers and pheromones. (Warning! I am a pheromone marketer) With that in mind let’s take a look at pheromones.

A good number of people still believe pheromones are the same as X-ray glasses sold in the back of comic books. While others have been using them for years. To be sure, they are used a great deal by government agencies worldwide. Business uses them daily. You may even use them. Of course, I’m referring to the pheromones of insects and animals.

It was well known by the late 1970s that females of the insect and animal kingdom produced chemicals for attracting males of the same species. The control of pests was the main reason for the manufacture of pheromones at this time. Pheromones were being used to draw or repel bugs and animals. Pheromones were already protecting crops from damage. Roaches were checking in and not checking out. (A catchy phrase from the Roach Motel trap commercials that used pheromones to lure roaches to a sticky death) At the same time scientist were working hard to find and prove the reality of human pheromones.  Evidence was found, but would not rise in the public mind until the middle of the nineteen eighties.

Human pheromones made front page news in 1986 when Researchers at the Monell Chemical Senses Center of Philadelphia offered their findings to the scientific journal Hormones and Behavior, as well as to the public by way of:

  •     Time Magazine: “Studies find that male pheromones are good for women’s health.”
  •     News week: “The Chemistry Between People: Are Our Bodies Affected by Another Person’s Scent?”
  •     The Washington post: “Pheromones Discovered in Humans.”

Yes, the human pheromone was intense news in the eighties. During this time it was discovered that women’s health was related to the male pheromone. It was shown that men’s pheromones aid in the maintenance of a women’s health. To be more accurate, they keep a woman’s reproductive system healthy.

A strong testosterone rich male pheromone signature somehow encouraged a woman’s body to keep itself healthy and young. Pheromones can steady the menstrual cycle, and decrease the symptoms of PMS. It was found that pheromones could lift a woman’s mood, in point of fact alleviating depression, even postponing and then alleviating menopause

How did we travel so far from the pheromone research that was occurring in the eighties? Shouldn’t we by trying to use pheromones to give women a better life? Strike that. We should be using pheromone products to make people’s lives better, helping to allow pheromone research that will get more data connected to health and longevity.

In the case of pheromones I think we killed the message instead of the messenger. Using pheromones for attraction is not bad or wrong. I think that it is a good idea. People or press don’t say much about it, but many of the pheromone products on the market today that are used for attracting women often times contain the very same pheromones that showed all those health elevating benefits. Yet everything is just about seduction and there is no indication that it is good for females.

I’m afraid that even my own company is guilty of the same marketing. We focus heavily on the seduction and attraction side of pheromones as this is where the money is, but that is not the only reason. We would like to increase the amount of information related to the health benefits of pheromones for both men and women. However the moment we do, then we would be making health claims and that can get complicated as it would attract the attention of government regulatory agencies. This may be why no pheromone companies talk much about the health benefits of pheromones.

I personally would like to see more research on pheromones and health, as well as, the isolation and production of new pheromones.

For more information on pheromones and the chance to experiment with them yourself you may like to go to


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