The Pheromone Attraction Scale

PheromoneAttractionScaleSmallGarry: With the use of pheromones, you have to realize that there is a set number of people that are going to be attracted to you. You are not going to attract everyone. If you took, say, maybe a hundred people…actually I talked about this in another video; but it needs to be, for categorizing purposes, it needs to be clarified on its own.  But if you took a hundred people and out of that hundred people, five of them are going to like you, just because you are you. Something about you, they are going to like. Five of that hundred is going to hate you, just because it is you. Something about you, they don’t like. Everyone else is on some scale in between like and dislike. So when you apply pheromones, you are going to up that scale a little bit. Let’s say you go of the first five that already like you, they still like you, they like you more. You have five more now that consider you more seriously and maybe even five above that are going to find you more attractive on up the scale. Now, let’s say that is a 10 to 15 percent increase in the number of people who would like you. That just a statistical average and that is all that pheromones do,  is they give you statistical advantage. That five that hate you, they are still going to hate you. Pheromones are not going to affect them. You are not going to make someone like you who doesn’t like you. That’s just the way it is.  When you have a more realistic view on what to expect in the pheromones, you are not going to feel so bad when not everyone respond.

Godai: Don’t forget that thought. If you meet that one that hates you, then you feel, oh pheromones don’t work.

Garry: Right, that is very common for guys to think that.

Godai: Exactly, and then of course, the more you use it, you get better at it. You get better at talking to women, you get more social skills.

Garry: As your social skill grows, right, the “like: scale start to grow.

Godai: That scale is going to increase; therefore, you are going to start learning more tricks and just keep getting better, so you know, it’s important to keep using it, it’s important to learn how to behave, learn how they behave. Those are all important skills you need to learn. That is very important when you use them, Pheromones.


Garry:  And everybody’s scale is different. Godai’s one hundred person scale is going to be different than mine one hundred person scale. The people who are on my “like” end may be on his “hate” end or vise versa, There is no guarantee. They may be scattered anywhere in between. But the point is, everyone has their own scale of attraction. Everyone. I think that’s about it for that. I hope it helps guys.


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