Understanding Human Pheromones

There are experts on both sides of the fence. Some say pheromones work some say they don’t. Some say humans have pheromones some say we don’t. The debate occurs on the lay person’s level and the research level. New pheromone discoveries and human reactionsFeromonasCoupleLarge are reported all the time. You would think pheromones would be the Holy Grail of the world’s perfumers. Not so. Thus far, the leaders of the perfume industry tend to, though not entirely, ignore pheromones.  Instead, the low end make a fast buck industry is cranking out products, some with little to no pheromones in them. I know because my company tests them. What these pheromone sellers  do have going for them is flashy big breasted ads and wild promises. For the record I actually like the breast part, but could this be creating a  bias that lowers pheromone credibility?

People are missing a good thing because of how pheromones came to market, look at it this way. If the local crack dealer was the only person selling vitamins in your area, would it effect peoples thoughts on vitamins? I’m starting to think that is a good thing though. Not the crack dealer selling vitamins, but the fact that the majority of the population does not believe in pheromones and even the ones that do often times can’t be bothered to take the time to figure them out. I mean, if everyone wore them it would certainly take the magic away for us in the know.

Pheromones found: In the 1870s French naturalist Jean-Henri Fabre noted that male moths would fly for miles to visit a female moth he held captive in his lab. Fabre thought that the female moth was sending a chemical scent that was attracting the males. In 1956 the first pheromone was found. It was a moth pheromone.  Female moths use it to attract males. It was called “bombykol” and is able to travel long distances. It works even if the amount is very low. Lewis Thomas in The Lives of a Cell wrote.“It has been soberly calculated that if a single female moth were to release all the bombykol in her sac in a single spray, all at once, she could theoretically attract a trillion males in the instant.” Many insect pheromones have been discovered since and are used by industry.

Are you bored yet? No? Wow, Ok. Mammals and reptiles were next on the list. It was found that mammals not only created pheromones but how they received them.  The Jacobson’s organ or vomero-nasal organ (VNO) was discovered. (Now it is being argued that this organ does not work in humans) A French team of researchers did research on rabbits.  They suspected rabbit pups used a pheromone to find the mother rabbits nipples to feed. The team was able to isolate this rabbit pheromone. They named it, “2M2B”.  Baby rabbits that had been removed from their mother at birth still showed the searching response when 2M2B was applied to a probe. This showed that the reaction was not learned. (I guess scientist common sense is extracted at birth) It is now thought that pheromone production exists in all mammals during nursing. (I know they are produced when I’m nursing.) Today there are many animal pheromones used for many reasons.

It was not long before we wanted to know if humans produced pheromones. Debatably In 1974 Dr George Dodd discovered the first human sex pheromone. The debate has raged every since. It appears that many people do not want there to be pheromones for humans.  Much time is spent denying them away. This has not stopped research, though it has unfairly slowed it. I have to give credit to scientist who still continue researching something that other scientists equate to fairy dust.

If you have read anything about human pheromones you have heard of this one. Pheromones cause the menstrual cycle synchronization that occurs when multiple women live close to each other. Or of how a baby finds the nipple of its mother to breast feed. It’s easy to see the relationship of rabbit research to human on this one. As a side note, it has been suggested that men’s fascination with breasts may be a natural way to bond with a woman. Appeasing pheromones are said to emanate from the areola of the nipple. Since this is considered an appeasing pheromone, it would create feelings of safety, love, and, acceptance. This pheromone may be the reason why, when you hug someone in general it is chest to chest head beside head. However, if a person is comforting someone who is really hurting they tend to place that persons head on their chest. This same position is used when we hug someone we deeply love or feel protective over.

Many of the mammal pheromones as well as humans have common simple molecule fatty acid compounds. This shows us that the gap between humans and animals is not as wide as we like to think. New observations are suggesting that: humans, dogs, and cats are a similar match. It has been suggested that maybe this is why humans, dogs and cats tend to relate more than humans and other animals. It may explain why a human can adopt a puppy or kitten and that animal can bond to that human in a similar way as it would with its mother.

A study by a Swiss biological researcher Claus Wedekind found, women select men by their genetic compatibility for improving the immune system of offspring. How they select them is the interesting part. The selection was done by smell.  He also discovered the women who used oral contraceptives picked the exact opposite man than what they should have. If you would like to know more on this research you can google “sweaty t-shirt study.”  It is suspected that this may be the reason for kissing. It allows prospective mates to smell and taste each other’s pheromones for biological compatibility. Kissing has also been noted in primates. Yup, leading to wild monkey sex.

Some research shows that we need the pheromones of the opposite sex around us in order to stay healthy and age slower.

There are pheromones that ease the symptoms of PMS, delay menopause, ease depression, make you calm, and on and on. The point is, there are many useful pheromones or pheromone type chemicals that can and do help humanity. There is most certainly more on the way.  Lets hope no one is dumb enough to start selling them for that reason, or all of them will start being regulated by the government and that will be the end of that.

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