New Year’s Resolutions for the Dead

January 1, 2013 is quite simply, just another day, like the first day of every year. It is another day, and yet every single day of your life happens only once.

Most people wait for certain special days each year to do something “special,” to do something out of the ordinary. No wonder most people live lives of quiet desperation, waiting eagerly for a few days each year while trying to get through all the rest, killing time.

A day is a day, and the point is you only have a limited number of them. If you make it to 75 years old walking the path of life, then you get 27,374 days. Not as many days as most people would think, and yet people waste most of those days on nothing, and few ever achieve any of their own small personal life goals, or even find contentment. Your life is yours, make something amazing out of it, or at the very least make it a happy place to be, starting with your own happiness. Like the oxygen masks on commercial airliners, be sure and put your happiness on first before trying to help anyone else with theirs.

Some people don’t make new year’s resolutions because they don’t have to, they are constantly working at achieving their goals, every day is spent figuring out how they can improve what is going on for them and those that they love kind of day. I like that, it means my life is mine, and it is valuable. I don’t give it to people I don’t like, or a job I hate, and I especially don’t give it to TV.

When I hear about someone making new year’s resolutions to get their life under control I can’t help but wonder, “Who was at the wheel controlling their life for the other 364 days of the year?” You would not step away from the controls of a car, boat, or plane, as it is only a matter of time before it would end badly, so why would you abandon the controls of your life to anyone or anything?

Yeah, bad things will happen, and the journey will always have its rough times, but as I tell my son, “If you have to go through bad shit, you can piss, moan, cry, wallow, run around in circles hitting yourself in the head, give up and want to die, or you can stand tall, smile like you don’t give a crap how hard things are, take  your thumps like they just don’t matter, and help those weaker than you down that dark miserable path and out the other side.

When you get back to the good days, and they do always come around for those who are willing to accept them, which person would you rather be remembered as, which would you rather think of yourself as, which would you actually rather be, which story of you is worth telling? Some like to be the weak and miserable victim, some prefer to be the hero who overcame, and we all, every one of us get to be either one, most of us have simply forgotten or never realized, it is just a personal choice.

Those who do well in life are always looked on as lucky by those who do nothing or not enough. Luck is your own creation molded by your desire to achieve something greater in your life than what you currently have, and it always works for those who want it bad enough. You can do anything, whether you will or not is up to you.

Don’t get good at suffering get good at being happy. Happiness is not a destination it is an ability. Nothing is more ugly than self pity and nothing more beautiful than gratitude. Some would say love, but I believe that love is just highly refined gratitude.

Life is the experience, the journey is life, the destination is a box or an urn. In the end whether you had a great life or a miserable one, you die, you just die! Something to think about.

 New Year’s Resolution: Only be dead when you are dead.


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